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TBOVerse Timeline

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Copied from the Internet Archive. NB this could use some love with the earlier stories being added in.

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1927 White Knight

1930 Gandhi's Salt March begins his rise to prominence. Stalin Begins Collectivizing Agriculture in the U.S.S.R. Sliced bread invented.

1931 Scientists achieve first nuclear fission

1933 Hitler becomes German Chancellor, FDR launches new deal, Cheeseburger invented

1936 Spanish Civil War starts

1937 Japan invades China

1938 Chamberlain declares Peace in our time Hitler annexes Austria

1939 Heavy fighting between Japan and Russia. German-Soviet non aggression pact signed, World War Two starts, Poland falls

1940 Eye of Odin Norway invaded & falls to Germany. Churchill becomes UK prime minister. France invaded.

Noon, June 19th 1940. TBO timeline diverges from @

A Mighty Endeavor Halifax-Butler Coup in UK removes Churchill as UK PM, UK signs armistice. Commonwealth expels UK. Italy attacks France. France signs Armistice. US cancels B-24 and B-32 programs gives B-36 maximum priority. US mobilizes for a war economy.

1941 Thailand invades French Indochina. Germany invades Greece, Germany invades Russia. Invasion bogs down short of Moscow. US heavily reinforces Philippines and Pearl Harbor. Manhattan District started. US seizes Iceland bases. USAAC becomes USAAF. Eighth Air Division becomes Eighth Air Force

1942 Changing the Guard New German offensive drives east of Moscow. Moscow falls. Stalin killed, military coup in Russia as Soviet Army ovethrows severely-mauled communist system. Zhukov becomes Russian President. Front stabilizes. Germany demands troops from UK and France for Russian Front. UK and France refuse. UK and France occupied. French fleet scuttled. Royal Navy breaks out and heads for US/Canadian ports. Germans demand return of ships and crews. US refuses, grants RN asylum. Germany declares war on US, sends submarines to attack US shipping off coast. Massacre of shipping. T-shirt invented.

1943 First German submarine campaign defeated. US troops sent to Russia to assist Russian Army as American Expeditionary Force. Air bridge established. US seizes bases in Azores, Greenland. USAAF made independent of Army, becomes additional service on equal footing with Army and Navy.

1944 FUSAGIR (First US Army Group In Russia) formed out of AEF. B-29 raids on Germany from bases in Russia. Abandoned after very heavy casualties. First US carrier strikes against West Europe. FDR dies during election campaign. President Dewey elected. Ballpoint pen invented

1945 Winter Warriors Angel In The Mist Second German Submarine Campaign initiated then defeated. Battle of the Orkneys, Germany navy destroyed. Germany abandons attempt at maintaining naval force. SUSAGIR (Second US Army Group In Russia) formed. SAC formed. First nuclear test shots. First computers built

1946 Mass production of B-36 bombers and nuclear devices in US. US carrier strikes continue to hammer Western Europe. US invents bikini swimsuit

1947 The Big One The Guiding Light Germany destroyed by nuclear attack. Germany surrenders. Utter chaos as German troops in occupied countries are left adrift. Some integrate with country, some try to go home. In Russia, German generals become warlords holding semi-feudal areas. Ghandi killed in tragic accident.

1948 Anvil of Necessity Start of The Great Famine in West Europe. Mass starvation avoided only by aid shipments from US, Canada and Australia. European industry and economy knocked back to early 19th century levels by war damage. Russia starts process of reducing German warlord states. Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia form ASEAN. President Dewey wins re-election. Red Sun defense exercises start.

1949 Blocking Action, Patron of the Arts Malaya joins ASEAN. India, ASEAN and Australia form The Triple Alliance. Serious border incident between Thailand and Japan/China. Fighting continues in Russia.

1950 Cosmetic Factors The Great Famine ends. West Europe self sufficient in food. Final Chinese resistance ceases. Cold War in Pacific between Triple Alliance and Japan/China starts.

1951 Eye of the Beholder NORAD fully operational. Italy and Spain form loose trading alliance called The Mediterranean Confederation. India leaves the Commonwealth, interim constitution is replaced by new Indian Constitution that substitutes a President for the British royal family as head of state.

1952 President George S Patton elected in US. Japan tests nuclear device. US invents credit card

1953 US Tests Super first fusion device. US Army introduces Pentomic divisions.

1954 US has first nuclear-powered submarine. First NORAD Nike-Ajax missile batteries introduced. B-60 bomber starts to replace B-36. Border incident between Japan and india results in loss of some Indian territory in North. Crisis ends when Australia and Thailand threaten intervention, bringing about a U.S. threat to "end" the conflict.

1955 Civis Americanus Sum President Zhukov dies, replaced by President Cherniakhovskii. Warsaw Pact signed between US, Russia and countries of Eastern Europe guaranteeing Eastern European countries against attack. B-52 starts to join SAC

1956 Eye of the Deceiver President Curtis LeMay elected in US. TV remote control invented

1957 European Economic Community Established Russian Satellite Sputnik Launches Space Age

1958 Unorganized Militia NASA founded. McNamara introduces the Edsel.

1959 The Great Game B-58 joins SAC. Nike-Hercules Anti-aircraft and Nike-Zeus anti-missile missiles join NORAD. SE Asia insurgency wars start. NASA is formed to administer US space activities.

1960 Final collapse of New Schwabia, Surviving German troops under Model stage an escape to the South and Iran. Destruction of Shan States Army signals end of first phase of Burmese Insurgency. President LeMay wins second term as US President after tragic accident kills John F Kennedy. In Russia Pizza-Dacha restaurant chain becomes instant success.

1961 Eye of The Imposter Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq form loose confederation headed by shadowy council called The Caliphate. Avowed intention of The Caliphate is to reverse decline of Islam and bring about its spread by any means necessary and to the exclusion of all other religions. Responsibility for military use of space removed from NASA and given to SAC. Strategic Air Command becomes Strategic Aerospace Command

1962 Saudi Arabia joins The Caliphate. Saudi Royal Family massacred. Major oil crisis in rest of world. Russians start to bring Siberian oil reserves onto market, reducing impact of crisis. Insurgencies in Northern India and Mindanao pick up momentum and become more lethal. Second Burmese Campaign Starts. US launches first photo-recon satellites. President LeMay announces plan to put a man on the moon by 1969. The Caliphate condemns plan as "Blasphemy"

1963 Syria and Palestine join The Caliphate. Jordanian Government attempts to distance itself but massive rioting brings about collapse of country. Jordanian Royal Family massacred. More massive rioting and civil insurrection in Turkey and Chechnya is put down with heavy loss of life. First manned spaceflight by Mercury program. SAC announces start of manned orbiting laboratory and reusable surface-to-orbit vehicle programs. Top secret planning for Operation Lifeboat starts.

1964 Vengeance is Mine Lebanon and Kuwait join The Caliphate after "coups" remove existing governments. LBJ wins American Presidency ending 20-year Republican hold on the White House. Russians put manned spacecraft into orbit. At end of year American and Russian spacecraft stage rendezvous in earth orbit. Docking is not attempted but pilots make friendly waves at eachother. First prototype XB-70 Valkyrie flies.

1965 Crusade Terrorism continues to accelerate in non-Moslem areas of the world. Australia commits troops to fight Caliphate Insurgency in Mindanao. Start of Mindanao Campaign. Egypt falls to the Caliphate. US starts Gemini space flight program. YB-70 Valkyrie (3rd prototype) flies

1966 First Flight of Dyna-Soar reusable space plane. Italy grants independence to North African colonies. Dramatic expansion of Mediterranean Confederation with Greece and Turkey joining (they hate each other a little less than they fear the Caliphate).

1967 Fire on Apollo I space capsule kills three US astronauts. More NASA operations are handed over to SAC leaving NASA running little more than the Apollo program itself and civilian communications satellites. The Caliphate absorbs Libya and rest of ex-Italian colonies in North Africa. Production B-70A bombers start to replace B-52s in SAC. Prototype XB-74 flies

1968 A Matter of Returns LBJ re-elected. Most Spanish properties on North Africa fall to The Caliphate. Spanish hold Ceuta and a few other isolated areas. The Caliphate attacks on Algeria are repelled

1969 Home of the Brave Apollo 11 lands on the moon. "One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind" (Armstrong doesn't fluff his lines). Balkan States join the Mediterranean Confederation. B-70A groups declared fully operational

1970 B-74 starts to replace B-60 in SAC service.

1972 Ride of The Valkyrie Richard Nixon elected President. Major Caliphate Offensive Against French Algeria starts First Biowar. Pescadores Incident between Chipan and India.

1974 First Manned Orbiting Laboratory launched. Start of permanent manned SAC space presence.

1975 Eye of the Seducer President Cherniakhovskii dies, is replaced by President Penkovsky

1976 Jimmy Carter elected President.

1977 Resistance Algeria falls to The Caliphate. The Caliphate now reaches its maximum geographical extent. With this, the Caliphate ceases to have a major international presence and concentrates on its own internal squabbles.

1980 Ronald Reagan elected President

1982 Lion Resurgent Argentina invades Falkland Islands and is ejected by British forces.

1984 Russian President Penkovsky retires, is replaced by President Yeltsin.

1986 The High Frontier, Demonic Possession Project Lifeboat initiated. Plans for a manned permanent moon base initiated Second space shuttle lost. NASA is abolished and its responsibilities absorbed by SAC. First terrorist attacks inside The Caliphate. Insurgency in Vietnam reaches peak with destruction of Chipanese forces in-country and virtual independence. Loss of Korean forces serving in Vietnam starts widespread rebellion in Korea.

1987 The Big One - Epilogue Major economic crisis in Chipan prevents Chipan from recovering situation in Korea and Vietnam. International conference in Saigon results in peace agreement that establishes Daiviet Federation of Annam, Tongking, Cochin and Laos as an independent country retaining close economic ties with Chipan.

1988 George H.W. Bush Elected President. Major internal convulsions inside Chipan cause a restructuring of the government under civilian-dominated leadership. Instead of fully-integrated empire, Chipan adopts policy of regional leadership with China and Japan being ruled seperately and each looking to their own resources in economic and defense terms. Korea, Taiwan, Tibet and Manchuria also achieve local self-rule as part of Chipan.

1989 The High Frontier - Epilogue Terrorist attacks inside The Caliphate increase in severity and frequency. Those responsible remain unidentified. China and Japan start manoeuvering against eachother to gain allegience of smaller parts of Chipan now enjoying self-rule

1990 Daiviet Federation joins Triple Alliance. Start of "Golden Age" period of peace and general tranquility on Earth interrupted only by minor incidents and the 2001 crisis.

1991 Permanent manned moonbase established. Pockets of ice discovered on moon.

1992 William Jefferson Clinton elected President.

1994 Source of terrorist attacks in Caliphate finally identified as dissident group who resent Iranian domination of The Caliphate and wish to see Indonesia detached from Triple Alliance and become dominant member of The Caliphate. The Caliphate denounces movement as "Triple Alliance Blasphemers"

1996 William Jefferson Clinton reelected President.

1999 50th Anniversary of Triple Alliance Treaty. Treaty is renegotiated with strengthened top tier and ruling group. Effectively becomes Federal state although individual members retain sovereignty and independence. As way of celebrating 50 years of alliance, the Triple Alliance starts project to build undersea colonies

2000 George W Bush elected President

2001 Chipan starts to break up with Japan and China becoming seperate states again. Attack on New York (International Trade Metropolis) and Washington (Pentagon) causes major international crisis. World teeters on brink of nuclear war until mystery of who was responsible is solved

2003 Mission Statement

2004 George W Bush reelected President

2005 Dreams

2006 Echoes From The Past L4 and L5 Lagrange point space stations established. Gravitational anomalies cause inexplicable loss of a deep space probe.

2007 Nightmare

2008 Democrat convention splits party with left wingers refusing to accept domination of conference by trades unions and moderate Democrats. Democrats field two candidates, splitting anti-Republican vote. Jeb Bush elected President. Humorists suggest the White House should be renamed the Bush House.

2009 Libertarians, moderate Democrats, left-wing Republicans and Trades Unions form new "Federalist Party".

2010 Civil war breaks out in The Caliphate between Baghdad and Djakarta-based factions. Federalist Party does very well in mid-term elections, picking up most of Democrat-held seats and some Republican. Colin Powell, leader of Federalist Party calls for a "return to civility" in politics and tells new members "we can disagree without being disagreeable".

2012 Federalist Party wins 2012 elections.

2024 Lunar colony and Lagrange stations become States.

2036 Caliphate swings away from inward-looking, low-profile policy and attempts to restart expansionist policies. End of Golden Age

2040 Caliphate forces invade the Uighur provinces of western China to "liberate" their Moslem inhabitants. Invasion is successful and Caliphate forces drive deep in to the Uighur provinces. Chinese resistance finally stops the Caliphate advance when winter sets in. Chinese start fighting guerilla war against Caliphate. Caliphate suffers gruesome casualties at hands of Chinese guerillas, relearning lessons taught to the Japanese a century earlier.

2041 After winter ends, Caliphate forces launch new offensive, this time using a modified influenza as a biological weapon as substitute for troops lost during previous year. The influenza spreads quickly amongst the Chinese population, also being unstable, it transfers to the bird population and spreads that way as well. Starts to spread throughout China, heading north and south. China racked with disease that has mortality of 20 - 30 percent. Epidemics slow down when winter sets in again, the influenza stops spreading but becomes established in the population. Suriyothai and the Seer start the process of locking down their refuges. Loki gets the word but looks on the bright side and decides to wait.

2042 Sceptered Isle. With the coming of spring, the influenza pandemic goes out of control and starts to spread. Air travel, especially supersonic air travel, ensures it spreads far and fast. However, there are doubts over whether this is a natural pandemic coming from the bird population or a man-made one. Debates on this issue slow reactions and countermeasures. The idea that the pandemic is man-made and spread by the Caliphate is now widely accepted but opponents of action keep demanding more proof. Because of this major population centers are severely hit across most of the world. The Industrial and densely populated areas get very hard hit country and thinly-populated areas much less so. The influenza - now mutated into a number of forms - starts to spread back into the Caliphate. Influenza has spread worldwide, the range of varieties causing countries to close their borders to prevent re-infection. Trade and travel nosedive. Eventually winter returns to give the world a breathing space. During the winter, some Americans discuss blowing up the Bering Strait Bridge to help isolate the country from infection. After a tense debate the idea is defeated, the American President making the historic announcement "We stand by our Russian Allies. Always have, always will."

2043. Once again influenza surges out. By now, genetic analysis proves that the original strain is man-made. The caliphate believes that it is the victim of biological attack since the mutated species are not identical to the ones it released. In revenge it starts striking out at other countries with a variety of new diseases including airborne rabies, influenza-snake toxin, influenza-T5 tricothecin and ebola-smallpox. Missiles dropping plague warheads, ships carrying the stuff off the coast and terrorists releasing it in population centers all take center stage. The US completely shuts itself off and retreats behind its missile and fighter screens, relying on its Navy and Air Force to seal itself. American medical teams fight in Russian against the new diseases, both to help the Russians and to identify the diseases before they reach the US. All major population centers outside the US and some inside have epidemics in progress. Diseases now start spreading to more thinly populated areas. Massive anti-moslem pogroms in mmost countries with moslem minorities. Again, winter comes to give humanity a break but this doesn't save tropical areas. Africa, without cold winters and with minimal medical facilities is very badly hit.

2044. Exodus US-Russian space bases and Triple Alliance undersea colonies are completely isolated. Only break is when The Seer makes some of the older facilities available to Loki to rescue his people.US now working hard to identify and destroy sources of plague discover Caliphate disease production is dispersed and concealed making it hard to find. In addition, it is centered in population areas to try and gain cover. As a result, the target list grows fast as SAC realizes that taking out the plague pits means essentially destroying The Caliphate. Planning to do that starts. Trade and travel now at a complete halt, world population falling fast as disruption means food supply shipments end. Economies are now on a local basis. Big cities are being hard hit and becoming virtually uninhabitable except where they have been adequately (and ruthlessly) protected or are too cold for major disease outbreaks. By the end of the year the world is shattered disaster. American morale is at rock bottom. Sensing people need to know that an old American tradition "the superhero" is on their side, the demons reveal their existance and how they've been preparing American defenses. Reaction is immense relief although some Americans seem to believe that the news means that Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, etc all really exist.

2045. American nuclear attack completely destroys The Caliphate as a functioning society. Shattered remnants continue the biowar but are destroyed as soon as they are located.

2045 - 2050 Desperate attempts to combat diseases eventually manage to bring them under control. Nuclear destruction of Caliphate has severe climate and environmental effects. Famine returns and starts to spread worldwide. American nuclear attacks continue as remaining Caliphate biological warfare facilities are identified and destroyed.

2090. Massive Moslem rebellion in Indonesia forms The Sultanate - better knowns as Caliphate II. Next phase of biowars starts.

2110 Renewed series of biological warfare attacks by The Sultanate result in second series of biowars. Sultanate forces attempt invasions of surrounding countries with avowed intent of annihilating all non-Moslem populations. American response is immediate; Indonesia is wiped out by nuclear attack. What is left of world trade, communications and commerce collapse. Dark Ages start.

2450 Disease epidemics finally eliminated, world trade slowly starts to revive. Official end of Dark Ages. Quarantine of Earth by space stations and planetary colonies slowly relaxed.

2545 Interstellar Highway

2550 Unto the Tenth Generation

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Nations survive by making examples of others

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Quick question Stuart, While re-reading High Frontier, I came across this bit:

Very bad indeed. They had all the information in the file in front of them. “Sir, my husband was killed two years ago when Shield Maiden went in.” God, it still hurt to say it.

This is in 1986, while Shield Maiden crashed in 1982. Just something to think about when High Frontier is up for proofing.

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TimothyC wrote:
This is in 1986, while Shield Maiden crashed in 1982. Just something to think about when High Frontier is up for proofing.

Thank you for the note; I'll make sure that gets corrected. I'm starting getting Winter Warriors ready for publication now

Nations do not survive by setting examples for others.
Nations survive by making examples of others

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Re: TBOVerse Timeline

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I have already posted a cleaned up timeline with all of the new stories below. Note that there was more than one timeline floating around and a few of the dates are different so I did my best to clean it up. When in doubt I went with the story date over the timeline date but in the cases of differing dates without a story I just went with best guess.
Updated TBO timeline
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Re: TBOVerse Timeline

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Calder wrote: Wed May 17, 2023 4:22 pm I have already posted a cleaned up timeline with all of the new stories below. Note that there was more than one timeline floating around and a few of the dates are different so I did my best to clean it up. When in doubt I went with the story date over the timeline date but in the cases of differing dates without a story I just went with best guess.
Updated TBO timeline
Do you know, when I pasted this one in I thought you’d done one, but had a look and couldn’t find it. Thanks for confirming- I’ll get this one deleted.
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Re: TBOVerse Timeline

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Craiglxviii wrote: Fri May 19, 2023 7:09 pm
Calder wrote: Wed May 17, 2023 4:22 pm I have already posted a cleaned up timeline with all of the new stories below. Note that there was more than one timeline floating around and a few of the dates are different so I did my best to clean it up. When in doubt I went with the story date over the timeline date but in the cases of differing dates without a story I just went with best guess.
Updated TBO timeline
Do you know, when I pasted this one in I thought you’d done one, but had a look and couldn’t find it. Thanks for confirming- I’ll get this one deleted.
Shrug, maybe change the title of the subforum from "Long Stories" to "Long Stories and Fact Files" and then move the two that are in this subforum?
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